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Top five waterfront Restaurants in Greek islands

For a late luxury summer holiday, a yacht charter in Greece and the surrounding islands is a stunning option. There are thousands of islands surrounding the mainland of Greece, over 200 of them inhabited: Charterfleet selects some of the best spots for exquisite waterfront dining.

Santoríni: Psaraki Vlyháda

Most of the Greek Islands have a long visitor season with restaurants and tourist attractions open from April until late October. Santoríni is undoubtedly one of the highlights to visit on a luxury yacht charter holiday and arriving by boat is the best possible way.

With an idyllic waterfront location, Psaraki Vlyháda is a seafood restaurant that enjoys widespread acclaim. Request the captain drop anchor and arrange your tender to go ashore. A few minutes walk along the Vlyháda seafront and you’ll be at your table, with panoramic views over the yacht port and over to the Khristiána islets. The food is equally impressive with fresh seafood, grilled meat, delicious vegetable dishes and salads. Mushy peas can evoke mixed feelings, but the mushy gígandes beans in lemon sauce here are a must. The lakérda fish is cooked to perfection and the marinated chicken is succulent and spicy. The wine list is good and the Karamelengos house wine is a reliable choice. As with all the recommendations, the service is warm and friendly with a relaxed atmosphere.

Where is it : Vlyháda waterfront
Telephone : 00 30 22860 82783
Reservations : Not required except in peak season


Heraklion, Crete: Saradari

The “Great Island” or “Megalónisos” as the Greeks call it, Crete is the biggest and most visited of all the Greek Islands. It’s like a country in its own right and there is an abundance of places to discover on a chartered yacht vacation. Crete grows more organic produce than the rest of Greece and the Cretan diet is among the best in the world according the World Health Organisation. Expect delicious cheeses, seafood with original recipes, cured meats, edible wild vegetation and the famous digestifs tsikoudiá and rakí, both produced from grape pressings. If your yacht takes anchorage at the central port of Hersonisos, then this traditional tavern is just a 10-minute walk away and rewards with gorgeous views over the Bay of Malia. Otherwise ask your captain to drop anchor in the bay and arrange a tender to go ashore. The Cretan style shrimp saganaki (small fried cheese appetizer), Greek salad with capers and rye rusk, the sea urchin starter and Kalamari from the grill with fava and basil infused oil are all highly recommended at Saradari.

Where is it: Agiou Georgiou – Hersonisos, Crete
Telephone: 00 30 28970 25375
Reservations: Advised in peak season

In Chania, Crete head to Ouzythino

Chania, Crete: Ouzythino

Chania is the former capital and the second largest city in Crete. World-renowned for its illustrious history and the Venetian harbour, over which loom the rugged White Mountains. The city is a must-visit with plenty of fine eateries, but for seafront splendour, request that your yacht captain use the Neahóra fishing anchorage and head directly to the Aktí Papanikolí promendade. Ouzythino – which is an amalgam of “ouzo-beer-wine” – has plenty more than drinks on offer. Take one of the tables right on the jetty overlooking the water and enjoy some superb Cretan fare. We recommend ordering an assortment of mezédes (appetisers). Wine can also be ordered by hýma (bulk), meaning by quarter, half or full carafes.

Make sure to try the stuffed vine leaves, feta cheese, range of grilled stuffed vegetables, marinated anchovies, Cretan salad and the moreish Sfakian sausages.

Where is it : Aktí Papanikolí, Neahóra

**Telephone: 00 30 28210 73315

Reservations**: Not necessary

Located on the waterfront of Paránga Beach, Tasos Taverna is the oldest restaurant on the island

Mýkonos: Tasos

One of the thrills of travelling by yacht is not only visiting places that are off the main tourist routes, but also for the pleasure of arriving with the landscape laid out before you in all its glory. Mýkonos is a spectacular island that first became popular in the sixties. Now a diverse and increasingly upmarket tourist destination, a chartered yacht trip would not be complete without a stop here.

Located on the seafront of Paránga Beach, Tasos Taverna is the oldest restaurant on the island and over the years it has cultivated a devoted audience.

Be sure to try the smooth, cream-coloured (not salmon pink) taramosaláta with mini-breads. For main meals the chicken souvlaki, steak ‘Stavlisia’, spaghetti with crawfish, shellfish in wine sauce and fresh fish by the kilo are delicious.

Where is it : Paránga beach
Telephone : 00 30 22890 23002
Reservations: Recommended in high season.

Visit Dimitris’ Cantina along St Pauls Bay during your luxury yacht charter in Greece

St Pauls Bay, Lindos, Rhodes: Dimitris’ Cantina

Rhodes has long been a hugely popular destination with cruise line patrons and it’s an ideal place to visit on a super yacht charter. The old walled town was recently granted Unesco World Heritage status and it is truly one of the most impressive medieval towns in the Mediterranean. For the last selection we have opted for something a little bit different. Dimitris’ Cantina can be discovered tucked away in St Paul’s Bay, Lindos. Ask the captain to approach to a safe distance and then either take the tender to the beach, or, simply swim ashore. Diners at Dmitri’s swim throughout the day and then sit down right on the beach to eat and drink fine, wholesome food. Dmitri and his sons are experts with a barbeque and you can even bring your own freshly caught fish to be served up with flair. Rustic and humble but bursting with simple charm, this is a great spot to drop anchor for the day.

Where is it: St Pauls Bay
Telephone: Just swim ashore
Reservations: Just swim ashore

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